Who Wants to Buy a Human Person?!

Ok, so maybe you can’t buy the WHOLE person, but now that I have your attention at least attempt to hear me out! I’m offering a part of the creativity inside my brain. In the form of words, in a typed out formation. Yes, this is my awkward way of letting people know, I’M FOR HIRE as a freelance writer! I can write blog articles, reviews, creative stories, fiction, non fiction, product descriptions, eulogies (I’m only mostly joking)…

This article isn’t going to interest many of you. I get that. The only person probably reading this right now is just my mom, and that’s only because she saw the title and thought I was selling people on the black market… hi mom! But I thought I’d post this on my blog because I’m letting everyone in on my life and this is a big part of it! I have decided to go full time with writing and instead of just using my blog to showcase my creativity I’d like to branch out and take some other types of writing assignments as well!


Now that you’re super excited for me, let’s discuss what brought me to this conclusion. You may have seen me post on Facebook about getting a job recently. ┬áThe company was Call Center QA. It was an online mystery shopping job that involved me calling different places such as colleges, insurance companies, etc. and acting interested in their service. Then after a few minutes I would rate them on their customer service.

In order to get that job I had to do a test call first that was unpaid. Once I got approved they emailed me a list of 10 calls to complete at $5 a piece. Not bad for sitting at home talking on the phone right? Well, I completed 2 phone calls and never got an email back OR got paid. Scam artists. How rude! You’ll have that with a lot of these “online job opportunities”.

So my job search continued. I kept seeing posts for freelance writing jobs and thought, “I have no real experience so they won’t hire me.” But I decided to look into it and there are plenty of jobs for beginners! So I’ve been applying for them for days and I’m really hoping I hear back from at least 1.

Wish me luck, and thank you for reading, even after seeing my morbidly creepy title!

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2 thoughts on “Who Wants to Buy a Human Person?!

  1. Why not. You’d be good at anything you set your mind to I believe Skully. Your very talented and have a lot of common sense.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I don’t normally get comments on here yet so this was really exciting! <3 It means a lot that you follow my many activities!

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