How To Drink More Water (The Easy Way!)

I am constantly seeing different posts online about how to be more healthy. Drinking more water is one major way I’ve seen to help be healthy and shed weight. But every time I tell myself I’m going to drink the recommended amount, I always get overwhelmed and stop.

Having to drink 6 whole water bottles is too much to remember. And trying to drink an entire gallon of water is overwhelming. I psych myself out because it just seems like too much!

While watching YouTube fitness videos I noticed a lot of people carry around a 1 liter bottle of water. I decided to look up exactly how many liters someone should drink in a day. Apparently, 3 liters is what you need!

So I decided to stretch that out over 12 hours of my day. I wake up at 8am and I usually stop drinking around 8pm. That means that I would just have to finish a 1 liter of water every 4 hours. That’s it! I only have to refill my bottle 3 times a day!

Here is my schedule:

I’m not sure exactly why, but this is so much easier for me to accomplish! Plus, a 1 liter bottle isn’t overly obnoxious to carry around! Refilling it is simple, and we didn’t have to buy a fancy water bottle. We just bought the $1.99 waters at Kroger (they probably have cheaper options at a gas station).


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