How We’re Transitioning to Our Tiny House!

For over a year now we’ve been dying to live tiny, but really never had a plan. Well, all that has changed now because we have it all mapped out and are making it happen!

The waiting game until our tax return comes in is going to be tedious but worth it in the end. We just can’t wait to get out to the country, get the boys into a better school, and get one step closer to our dream house!

Take a look at the video for the details, including how much money we will be saving during this process!

6 Things We Realized When We Looked At Campers to Live In

If you saw our YouTube video the other day, you know that we were planning on going to Camper World to look at some used campers. Well that trip did happen and I wanted to share with you all some things that we learned while we were looking.

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#1. Living in a camper is PLENTY of temporary space for us all! We found some great layouts that weren’t super out of our price range that would be the perfect amount of space to live in for a year or so! A few even had a separate room that had 3 bunks in it, dressers, etc that would be perfect for the boys to sleep in!

#2. Camper living in the winter might be trickier than I had originally thought. I was under the impression that if you parked the camper, built a deck around it, put some heaters up in it, then you would be fine when it comes to cold weather. BUT the guy looked at us like we were crazy when we told him we wanted to live in it for a few months. He stated “I would not live in a camper during the winter.” But anything is possible right? I mean, can’t SOMETHING be done?

#3. The bathrooms aren’t as small as I originally had thought. In fact, both boys and myself were in some of the bathrooms yesterday checking them out and, although not super comfortable, we all fit and could still move. I’m sort of hoping a smaller bathroom will keep them out of there when I’m in it anyways!

#4. There is more privacy than I thought there could be. Some of the doors closing off the rooms were LEGIT! Like, wooden doors, and even some had a lock! So James and I could still have some privacy without worrying about being bombarded by kids.

#5. Kids freaking love the idea of living in a camper! I wasn’t sure how the boys would feel at first. I mean, they said they would enjoy it but I thought when they actually got in one and we showed them where they would sleep and eat, they might not like it as much. I was very wrong. They were in awe and thought the campers were so cool! They even started claiming their beds as if we were buying the camper that day or something! Roman started telling me where we could put everything and Caiden was just wide eyed and excited about all of it! To them, it’s like an adventure, not a sacrifice.

#6. We have a lot more to figure out before actually making this transition. How will we get our water supply? Do we want to use a composting toilet or actually have to go somewhere to dump? Is there any way at all we might be able to survive the winter? How will we transition with the baby?

There are still some things that need to be thought over, but we are all getting really excited for this chapter in our lives! Even James, who started off wondering if we could really make this work, is coming to me everyday with new ideas and solutions to some of our concerns! It will all come together in due time and for now, all we can do is just keep saving our money and planning!