Baby Wearing Review: Moby Wrap vs Boba Wrap & How To Use Them

I talk about baby wearing all the time. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you have probably seen photos of me with Emery tied to my chest. This hands free way of keeping my baby happy allows me to finally get things done!

I’ve used one of those carriers before that have the buckles that adjust and it never really did the trick. Poor kids just hung in there, head flopping all over with little to no support. My wrap holds the baby firmly against my chest so he feels like he is being held.

Little to no crying? Yes please! Sane Skully is a happy Skully.  As with any type of carrier, it can hurt your back after a while. Honestly it’s still more comfortable to me than one of those heavy duty buckle carries though.

Here’s a video for those of you who are curious about baby wearing. Describing the differences between Moby and Boba and which one is my favorite!

Weekend Adventures

I have been dying to get out of this house and go do something interesting! But when you’ve got a newborn and you’re broke, it makes it a little difficult to find things to do. I was really looking to do something out of the ordinary this weekend but we weren’t having much luck thinking of things we could do. So we settled and started off at the park.


There is this park close by that we like to go to called Wildwood. I’ve done a few photo shoots there but never really saw the playground that they have so we decided to take the boys.


Believe it or not, they were hugging on their own. We didn’t even have to force this photo! They were really excited to go to the park, and this one especially. The playground is HUGE, and it’s also my favorite park right now due to the awesome nature trails they have leading through the woods!


They had a lot of fun there and met this little girl who was so precious. I swear she could have been our friend, Crista’s daughter with all the personality she had! She spun the boys on this metal thing and they were loving it. She wanted them to spin her next but they ran off so James spun her instead. He must have done it too fast because she kept saying, “Oh JESUS!” We were dying laughing!

It was also fun to people watch. Although there were a lot of very rude kids there that day. One little boy cussed out his mom from a park bench, another stole Roman’s swing, and then there was the mom screaming at her little boy for pulling leaves off of a tree. I’m talking, she was SCREAMING. She told him, “Now they won’t let us come back!” as she pointed in my direction. The kid looked at me like I’m the one who wouldn’t let him come back so I smiled at him, hoping he wouldn’t come ask me about it. Of course his mom put him in time out right next to me on my bench and I got dirty looks for a solid minute.


Leaving the park there was another interesting happening. There’s this circle drive and a weird blue mustang would stop at the yield sign and just sit there until another car came around. Then he would drive around the circle again and stop at a different yield sign. I have no idea what the dude was doing, but I think he was doing drugs. I mean, I just don’t see any other explanation! haha

After the park we went to my mom & dad’s house to hangout. I feel bad because we always just stop by there and end up staying for hours, but I’m in desperate need of social interaction and we only have 1 set of friends who have kids and understand that we can’t go out all the time, who are extremely busy people. So we stopped by my parent’s house, and stayed for hours hanging out by the fire and had a couple beers.


I was EXHAUSTED. I woke up with the baby for the 2nd time at 5am and could NOT get back to sleep. I sat on my phone, even after Emery went back to bed, and I looked at clothes and Pinterest for a good hour and a half. I woke up again at 7:30am and then for good closer to 9. Our plan was to get ready and go to the festival that MacQueen’s has every year.

Roman came into our room and asked if he could lay by me because he had a belly ache. So I let him up in the bed and about 2 minutes later he was in the bathroom throwing up. I made him a bed on the couch and James went to get us all breakfast. We checked to see what time the festival ended and it said 8pm, so we decided to stop by after we dropped Roman off at his dad’s at 6.

We ended up laying around until about 5 where we then went to my parent’s house again to wait until Roman had to be dropped off. My dad loves to have bon fires so that’s what he was doing, as well as grilling chicken wings.


^^We never get photos together anymore so I was especially excited about this one!



Roman was still not feeling very well. Poor kid! We dropped him off then went straight to the festival. I got Emery out and all wrapped up in my Boba Wrap and as we started walking he started crying because he was hungry. I tried to duck into some trees and pull out my boob to feed him but my shirt was stuck and it just wasn’t working. I got back into the car and fed him there. James took photos of Caiden while they waited. family7

When I got back out, I got him all situated in the wrap again and climbed back up the hill to get to the path. I watched as people rudely stole apples off of the trees without paying to pick them. That kind of stuff makes me mad, that’s how they make money! They don’t grow the apples for people to just come steal them! Anyway, I went into the orchard part and got a photo, but Emery refused to turn his head toward the camera! He sure doesn’t get that from me!


We walked up to where the fair was going on and noticed they were tearing everything down!! I was so upset, I really wanted to be able to look around there! Especially since I had to miss my favorite festival of all, the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I’ve actually not been to a festival all summer long! So I was bummed. I did get a photo of the remaining rides they had up though.


After we left I was still pretty bummed out. James decided we could go out to dinner so I chose Paddy Jack’s! We shared the Loco Jack which is turkey, cream cheese, some other cheese, and crushed up doritos! It was pretty good, but not as good as my usual! Their fries are the best ever and that’s all Caiden wanted so I shared some of those with him. Emery was excited about all the TVs, even though he can’t even see them in color yet!


Then we went home, put Caiden to bed, and watched New Girl. Which is our typical nightly routine. Part of me loves coming home and crawling into bed with the nice, cozy blankets. The other part hates knowing that I’ve got to be back home. Especially Sunday nights because I know that’s the beginning of a whole other week of being stuck in the house.

I’ll write a different blog post eventually about why I’m always stuck in the house and why I never go anywhere. But that is a story that is somewhat long and best discussed another day! Thanks for stopping by to check out our weekend adventures! Leave me some comments, I like replying to them!






My Emotional State After Having A Baby

Obviously having a baby is an emotional roller coaster. From the time you find out you’re pregnant, to the time they are, maybe 30? All I know is you hear so much about hormones and lack of sleep and crazy mood swings. Up until about day 4 I was ecstatic! My baby was finally here, I couldn’t stop looking at him, I got maybe a couple hours of sleep a night and didn’t care because he was just so precious!


But once day 4 hit, things started to get more stressful. My milk had come in around day 2 and he wanted to eat a lot. My nipples were extremely sore, and even had blisters from him not latching on properly every time. He also started getting really gassy. He would be up all night crying because his belly hurt, and at the time we didn’t know that’s what his problem was. I just thought he was still hungry so I kept feeding him which made things worse.

My husband started getting upset because he has to work so early in the morning and he was losing sleep. I felt like a bad mom because I didn’t know what to do. I also resented my husband for even being able to sleep at all because I sure wasn’t. We were scared with all the sicknesses going around that he was going to get sick so that was also stressful. Things were getting more and more hectic.

Then to top it all off, my husband took 2 days off of work (yes, only 2) and his boss was throwing a fit. Threatening to write him up for unexcused absences and whatnot. So he had to go back to work, leaving me very sore, exhausted, and taking care of 3 kids by myself. I quickly went from being over the moon happy to scared, stressed, and sad. I was afraid that it was going to turn into PPD (postpartum depression) which scared me even more.

We are 1 day shy of being 2 weeks postpartum and I’m feeling a little better. I was told to cut dairy out of my diet which would help with little man’s fussiness/gas, and we are figuring out ways to console him. We took him to the doctor which was a complete waste of time. She had no clue how to “handle” a home birth baby, and it cost $65 for her to tell us he’s losing weight, only to find out he’s actually gained half a pound. Can you believe she actually wanted us to pay another $65 just to come back and get weighed again? Needless to say, we won’t be going back.

The other things that are starting to get to me involve family life. Realizing that it will be a long time before my husband and I are able to have a night out again. Or even lay in bed at night watching a show alone. Also, I went and applied for a pretty good job at UPS requiring me to lift 70 lbs consistently and at 3 weeks postpartum, I have an interview/orientation set up. On one hand, I desperately want to make money to help my husband out with bills. On the other hand, my schedule will be as follows:

  • wake up, get Caiden ready for school.
  • take care of the baby and Roman all day long while simultaneously cleaning the house and rel=“nofollow”pumping milk so that the baby can eat while I’m at work.
  • make dinner.
  • Go to work at 5pm.
  • Come home, wake up several times during the night with the baby.
  • Then repeat the process again the next day.

I would get weekends off which is cool, but I’m afraid that’s going to be too much for me to do so soon after having him. If I get hurt, I could risk not being able to get a job for a significant amount of time, or worse, not be able to take care of my kids. But if I can make it work, we could save a lot of money to start getting our tiny house plans into motion.

At this point, my plan is to try it out and hope for the best. I feel pretty good physically at this point. Not to say I’m totally healed but I feel good. I’m starting some minor exercises to get me used to moving and hopefully prepare myself a little more for the job. Cutting out dairy has really limited my food intake so I’m going to need to find more ways to get energy to be able to do it. Plus with the breastfeeding the baby is taking just about all the energy I have!

So yeah, that’s pretty much how I’m doing emotionally. I will also be trying to keep my YouTube channel updated with how we are doing for those of you who prefer to watch videos and not read! Thank you to those of you who are supporting me in any way! I appreciate the hell out of you guys.


Welcome to the World, Emery Jameson!

Emery Jameson born on 9/9/2016 at 2:04 am, weighing in at 8lbs 2oz and 20 and 1/4 inches long! We waited so long to meet him and he finally came! Cord was wrapped around his neck a couple times but he was perfectly healthy and lifting his head up seconds after being born! Photos were done by Unleaded Lens Photography!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will be making a labor vlog describing how i went into labor and give kind of a walk through of my homebirth experience! For now, here is the birth video, if you’d like to see it! Warning, it is raw footage so there are some graphic scenes!

This video is posted on the photographer’s channel, not mine. Subscribe to her after checking it out!

Prodromal Labor & Cramp Bark Tincture???

I’ve been trying to keep everyone updated and I think a lot of you have been checking out my Instagram update videos, but I wanted to go into more detail of the midwife visit and more false labor last night! IG only lets me record like, 30 seconds at a time.


Here’s how the night started out:

I was having my usual contractions. They are getting stronger every day. But this time, I chugged about 6 bottles of water before dinner to see if dehydration was my problem, and it actually kept the painful and uncomfortable contractions away all day long! Until dinner. I started having a TON of pressure. Like, it felt like the baby not only dropped, but dropped HARD. That was followed by tons of contractions starting off uncomfortable, then around 7pm they became actually painful! I refused to time them for a while because they always go away when I go to bed.

By 9pm I was exhausted so I decided I’d go to bed early, especially since James had to go to bed early and go to work early in the morning. So I went to bed but at about 11 pm I was woken up to a really painful contraction. I felt like I had to pee SO bad so I tried to make it to the bathroom but was having a contraction so it was interesting. But yes, I did make it to the bathroom and didn’t pee all over myself!

At this point I was wide awake again thinking, “Ok, this is different. I’m being woken up now and that hasn’t happened yet so maybe this is it!” I didn’t want to time contractions but they were coming on pretty frequently so I did anyways.


As you can see they weren’t SUPER regular, but they were pretty consistent. I texted this photo to my midwife who called me to ask a few questions. She wanted to know if they were painful. I told her yes and I now felt them in my cervix/lower back. I was also having hot flashes with each contraction. She heard me breathe through a contraction and said she was leaving another birth but would come over asap!

About an hour later she arrived and I was working through a pretty painful contraction on my birth ball. She checked the baby’s heartbeat which was good and he was extremely active as always. She then wanted to do an internal exam to see if I was dilating or anything.

  1. She said my cervix was still really thick.
  2. I was dilated to a 2 on the outside of my cervix, not dilated at all on the inside (I had no idea there was an outer and inner part!)
  3. She said his head is really low, right in position for the birth.
  4. When she pulled her fingers out I had my bloody show, which she said is probably just from her digging around in there. Such graceful terms LOL!

At that point she said I’m not in labor and she has no idea why I would be having contractions like this. She started packing up to go home. I could tell she felt bad for me and even gave me some Valerian Root Extract to help me sleep. I was so exhausted, physically and mentally. I started to tear up because I really thought this time was legitimately it. I was in more pain than ever before.

She said to pick up some Cramp Bark Tincture at the health food store to stop the contractions. I was kind of disappointed, like why would I want to STOP contractions at almost 39 weeks??? But obviously if they aren’t dilating me, and they are keeping me exhausted, they aren’t good to keep dealing with. I also looked it up and the tincture will actually regulate contractions. Meaning if they aren’t doing anything for me, they will stop them but they will help along REAL contractions. So I’m looking forward to getting some today now.

Has anyone else heard of this tincture before or used it? I’m wondering what other people have had experience with it. I’m all for natural remedies but this whole totally natural method of pregnancy and labor is so new to me!

I also want to thank everyone for all their positive thoughts and prayers. I know I sometimes get annoyed because people tell me to relax and rest and all that. Sorry I’m hormonal… and not everyone can understand what this is like. Hell, even I’m baffled, I was induced with both boys and had extremely easy times with them so this is not at all what I’m used to!


My Prodromal Labor Experience: What If Something Is Wrong???

I’m 38 weeks and 3 days today. Or 4 depending on which app I’m looking at. ANYWAYS, I am extremely stressed out. I have been so excited about having a home birth this entire time because I’ve seen so many awesome birth videos and heard so many awesome stories about it. Now I’m getting scared and I think maybe my stress levels are what’s either causing contractions or keeping the baby in.

Screenshot (297)

I’m really stressed that I’m feeling this way and I KNOW it’s not just me making things up in my head, but any time I contact my midwife she’s just like, “Rest. The baby will come when he’s ready.” Yeah, I know that, obviously. But is there anything WRONG? Like, could he not be in the right position for birth? Could I be doing something to stall labor or even bring on prodromal labor? I’d just like some sort of answers. She is going to see me in a couple days though instead of waiting until next week so maybe I can at least get her to check and see if he’s engaged or SOMETHING.

Another thing stressing me out is James. I want to urge anyone who is having a home birth to MAKE SURE YOUR HUSBAND TAKES CLASSES! I’ve had babies before, he hasn’t. So he doesn’t quite understand the extent of things. For instance, I’ll be going through a contraction and he will be trying to talk to me about work. Like, I love you honey but when I’m having a contraction, please don’t talk to me.

And then yesterday I thought I was legitimately in labor (for real this time). My cervix hurt through every contraction all day, so I decided to take a bath which is actually supposed to make “false” contractions go away because it relaxes you. But they got way worse in the tub and I could feel a LOT of pain in my cervix. I was having a hard time getting out of the bath and tried not only yelling my husband’s name, but also calling and texting him. Nothing. So I managed to lift myself out of the tub between contractions.

When I was having very painful contractions at 1am, he was NOT happy that he had to be awake with me, and through every contraction he sat in the chair just staring at me. I feel like if he was more educated about the birthing process, he would understand that I’m not just trying to make his life harder, but this is HARD to go through on my own. When I was in pain, I thought “Yes, this is finally it!” But then things slowed way down because I was bawling my eyes out thinking I’d have to do it all alone, and are we really ready for him to come yet, etc.

By the time he actually apologized and started trying to help me out, the contractions slowed way down. Yet I was still in pain because my cervix is dilating/effacing (I know this because I’ve done a few self checks). I almost decided to pump to keep them going but I was so tired physically and emotionally at that point, I just wanted sleep.

But I’m really wondering if my stress levels and my resentment for my husband not being as involved as I’d hoped is what’s holding me back from actually going into labor. I did a meditation today to relax fully and I felt pretty good after that. But then I got more attitude today that totally put me back in the stressed out mindset. I’m scared that maybe I’ll never be calm enough to have this happen naturally.

Here are some symptoms I’ve been having through this whole prodromal labor process. Let me know if you’ve had similar situations because it is oddly comforting knowing that other people made it through the same types of things!


  • Lost mucus plug 3 times in a week (no blood)
  • Lack of appetite
  • Contractions that last all day, progressing through the day (getting stronger everyday) and then when I lay down to go to sleep they eventually stop.
  • Mood swings (mainly crying randomly and getting upset at myself for thinking I could really be in labor when it never leads to anything).
  • Last night I started shaking with contractions but wasn’t cold.
  • Nausea
  • Sore lower back
  • Feeling like my stomach is literally going to just fall off. The skin is so tight I don’t think it can grow anymore!

If I think of anything else I’ll let you guys know in my next video. But this is getting rough. I’m drained physically and emotionally and I’m ready to meet my baby!


38 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Whoa! I’m still alive guys, sorry it’s been a crazy past… month! It’s really been about that long, I’m awful… Sorry! But here’s my 38 week update, and I’m going to be posting all of the induction methods I’ve been trying as well!

I hope I don’t have a 39 week update and instead a home birth story video!!! Fingers crossed!

Things I Can’t Wait To Do Again After Having The Baby

It all starts with that positive pregnancy test. The one that makes you either jump for joy or run for the hills. In my case, my husband and I were trying so we were very excited! But it quickly turned into, “When is this going to be over?!”

Although this was my 3rd pregnancy, the love for your kids kind of makes you forget about all the ugly things pregnancy has to offer! You think, “Oh I can totally do that again!” until you realize that you can barely do anything you like to do anymore! As said in the movie Knocked Up, “It’s basically just a list of things you can’t do!”

Snapshot 3 (5-23-2016 1-03 PM)

So here are the things I’m excited to be able to do again here in about a month or so!

  1. Lay on my stomach! Seriously, this has been rough! There are times when my back hurts, and I think “I just know if I lay on my stomach for a bit it will feel better!” But I can’t. Because there’s a baby in there. And crushing your baby to get some relief probably isn’t the best idea.
  2. No more waddling! Well, after I heal at least. The waddling because of severe hip pain is rough, and it will only get worse once the baby drops. I can’t wait to have my model strut back! And by model strut I mean dragging my feet in whatever direction I want because I’m still lazy and don’t like to put forth much effort.
  3. Cleanse!!! This one I’m SERIOUSLY excited for. My husband and I are going to do an all juice cleanse for 10 days! I know that sounds like a lot, but it will be so worth it because your body collects so many toxins and it can really slow you down. During pregnancy, you aren’t supposed to flush those toxins out of your body because they could pass through the placenta and into the baby. So basically, my goal is to pump enough milk to last at least 10 days, and then get going with this cleanse so I can feel amazing!
  4. Exercise without limits. I started off this pregnancy with minimal exercise experience. I mean, I did still exercise by doing simple things like planks, situps, weighted squats, etc. But it wasn’t ever consistent. It became less consistent when the morning sickness kicked in. Now, I’m really looking forward to getting my abs back, and doing exercises where I can lie on my back!
  5. Take medicine. Well, only when needed because most of you know I hate taking medicine. But this pregnancy was riddled with numerous colds, tooth problems, and other aches and pains that were hard to handle! I’ll be excited to be able to take medicine again if I get a cold!
  6. Have a drink or two! Seriously, I like to drink. It’s not about getting drunk for me, it’s about being able to have a beer at a restaurant or a Captain and coke if I want one! I know that having a glass of wine or a beer during pregnancy can be ok depending who you talk to but wine gave me heartburn so I literally haven’t been able to have ANYTHING. I’m really looking forward to it.
  7. General “freedom”. Now, I know that when you have a baby your world is very different. Freedom is a very iffy term to use to describe your life with a newborn. BUT what I mean is not having to think as much about everything I do with my body. Being able to roll out of bed without wondering if I just smashed the baby. Not having to wonder if the food I’m about to eat is going to give me heartburn later. Just having my body back!


So those are a few things I’m really looking forward to being able to do again! Please let me know what you all couldn’t wait to do again or, if you’re pregnant currently, what you can’t wait to be able to do again!