Adult Summer Camp?!

I began my morning just like every morning. Waking up to kids arguing over toys, the baby talking to himself upstairs, and hiding under my blankets with my phone so I can scroll through Facebook in peace (kind of). While scrolling, I found this really cool link to an adult summer camp organization.

I went to summer church camp once as a middle schooler, and although I’m more spiritual than religious, it really is engraved in my brain still as an adult. There was literally never a dull moment and I made so many new friends at the time!

Naturally, I had to check out the details about Camp No Counselors. First of all, there are a bunch of different locations that you can choose to go to. Second, picture all the fun filled activities you had as a kid except add copious amounts of alcohol! Yeah, I’m sold.

I am heavily debating working my tail off to come up with the money by this June to go to the one in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s not an ungodly high price for all that it includes either! I need adventure in my life, and when my dream is to one day travel to my heart’s content, I’ve got to start somewhere!

Who else thinks this is an amazing idea?! I mean, the people went to Shark Tank with this idea of theirs. I think it’s freaking GENIUS!

Is An Amber Teething Necklace Worth It?

I have heard so much about these Amber Teething Necklaces that I decided I HAVE to give one a try. The past week has been awful for the baby. He is somewhat fussy during the day, not really. But at night it’s horrible!

He wakes up every night anywhere between midnight and 2am screaming. Nothing seems to console him except us picking him up and walking with him or turning on his favorite show (Baby Einstein). I’m not sleeping, so I’ve been grumpy. My husband has been helping out too so he’s not sleeping either. We are desperate.

I will post an update after a few days of using the amber necklace and let you guys know my official review on it!


What’s Wrong With Being A Million Versions of Me?

I always thought my calling in life was to have some sort of fame. Like, be well known for something. But here I am, 27 (almost 28) years old and not a damn thing to show for any of my efforts. I’ve had blogs upon blogs, YouTube channels galore, and don’t even get me started on different modeling personas.

The fact of the matter is, I never stick with anything long enough to be well known for something. But what if that’s ok? What if it’s ok to like so many different things? What if it’s ok to not want to be tied down to just one niche?

For years I’ve been told how I need to pick one thing and stick with it. When it comes to a business, I agree. Consistency is key. But what if I don’t want to be a product? What if I don’t want to sell myself short, or sell myself at all?

I think too much pressure is put on branding yourself these days. Anyone and everyone has a “business” these days. Like, they feel like they aren’t worth anything if they aren’t making money doing the things that they love. But what if life isn’t about that? What if life is about doing what you love JUST because you love it? And maybe you do something for a while and find out you don’t love it. Then you have the opportunity to move on and do something you DO love!

I started this blog as a way to make money. To make articles that people would click on so I could make money. But I got bored. This blog theme has been changed so many times, I lost track. So what if I just make it a “me” blog. A place to put my thoughts and ideas. I mean, yeah my thoughts and feelings and ideas are just as interesting as anyone else’s in the general internet world, but if I’m being honest, I wasn’t getting very far with my boring ass articles about weight loss and how miserable I was the entire time I was pregnant!

So if you made it this far into my post, thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring about my thoughts and feelings. I’ll try to be entertaining while vomiting my words onto this blog. I’ll also to bring more to the table than just my words. I’m highly interested in modeling again one of these days. I can really tell my dad wants me to get back to singing too, so maybe down the line I’ll sing some crap also. I’ll keep you guessing that’s for sure!


How To Drink More Water (The Easy Way!)

I am constantly seeing different posts online about how to be more healthy. Drinking more water is one major way I’ve seen to help be healthy and shed weight. But every time I tell myself I’m going to drink the recommended amount, I always get overwhelmed and stop.

Having to drink 6 whole water bottles is too much to remember. And trying to drink an entire gallon of water is overwhelming. I psych myself out because it just seems like too much!

While watching YouTube fitness videos I noticed a lot of people carry around a 1 liter bottle of water. I decided to look up exactly how many liters someone should drink in a day. Apparently, 3 liters is what you need!

So I decided to stretch that out over 12 hours of my day. I wake up at 8am and I usually stop drinking around 8pm. That means that I would just have to finish a 1 liter of water every 4 hours. That’s it! I only have to refill my bottle 3 times a day!

Here is my schedule:

I’m not sure exactly why, but this is so much easier for me to accomplish! Plus, a 1 liter bottle isn’t overly obnoxious to carry around! Refilling it is simple, and we didn’t have to buy a fancy water bottle. We just bought the $1.99 waters at Kroger (they probably have cheaper options at a gas station).


How We’re Transitioning to Our Tiny House!

For over a year now we’ve been dying to live tiny, but really never had a plan. Well, all that has changed now because we have it all mapped out and are making it happen!

The waiting game until our tax return comes in is going to be tedious but worth it in the end. We just can’t wait to get out to the country, get the boys into a better school, and get one step closer to our dream house!

Take a look at the video for the details, including how much money we will be saving during this process!

Waist Training: How Do I Use This Thing?!

Waist training is not something I’m proficient in. I mean, I’d never even really heard of one until an Instagram friend told me I should try one! Since I was looking for effective ways to lose my baby weight, I decided to give it a shot. Only a month or 2 later, here I am trying it out!

I ordered mine off of Wish, which means it was very cheap. I actually got a refund for it because it was SUPER late. It ended up coming anyway though so it worked out. But that’s beside the point!

After I opened it up I put it on and it wasn’t as tight as I expected. I thought I’d feel it crunch my organs together or something. Probably a good thing that it didn’t. Made of a mesh cloth and not a corset like a lot of the nicer ones are. It does fasten all the way down with metal hooks in the back. Or maybe they go in the front? See, I don’t even know if I’m doing this right!

Still confused, I wore it to do errands and then to my parents house. After about 4 hours, my torso felt REALLY tight. Like, something told me I should really take the thing off, so I did. I read up on it a little bit and found out I should only wear it for about 2 hours at first. That way my body can get used to it.

So now, I’ve been wearing it daily for about 2-3 hours a day. It’s pretty comfortable but I can definitely tell when it’s time to take it off. I really need to read into it some more because I seriously know very little about it. Does it train your organs to move to a different place? Help me lose fat? Have something to do with muscles? I honestly don’t know.

If you know anything about waist training and have any info or tips for me that you could share, I’d really appreciate it! I’ll make an update next month to see if I’ve got any progress from it!




My Bohemian Soul Has No Chill

Hello again everyone! It’s honestly been a couple months since I’ve posted. I started modeling again as a tactical model and I kind of lost track of this blog that I worked so freaking hard to create! I always do this. My bohemian soul doesn’t let me stick with things very often.

Winter has also gotten me down on the productivity scale. Seasonal depression is a real thing in case you didn’t know. But I’m trying to get my ass up and do things as often as I can. The boys have kept me busy that’s for sure! Emery is 4 months old now! He’s rolling over both ways, trying to sit up on his own, eating baby food (his favorite so far is pears), and getting even cuter by the day might I add.

As far as the tactical thing goes, I love guns and knives, and archery and all that stuff. But I almost forgot how annoying it was to get hit on with such intensity. Like, I could literally post something saying how much I love my husband and kids and some douche bag would say, “Oh, we should get married, you’re hot!”

It’s just not something I enjoy dealing with. Then I tell myself well, if you stick with it and give it all your attention, this tactical thing could bring in a lot of money! Yes, but is it the kind of money I want to be earning? No. I’d rather be more focused on my family life, getting our mobile home, and fitness. Those things are more prevalent in my life right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stop being involved with guns and the like. I’d just like to make that a secondary focus. Modeling is fun but it’s not my life. There is so much more to me than just modeling. Why do I always limit myself to that?

Well, anyway, there is a little update as to what is going on. I hope to get back on track and posting at least a couple times a week! As well as making videos for my Skully In Space channel on YouTube!



Hiking at Oak Openings

I’ve been wanting to get out of the house more and get out into nature. We found the opportunity to do so this past weekend and it was such an awesome experience. You can check out some of the footage in the video below.

We packed plenty of water and snacks in the backpack. Since I’m really wanting to lose weight I carried the pack the whole trip. It didn’t bother me at all while walking but the next day my back was killing me! I’ll have to condition myself for when we REALLY start hiking.

There is a 15.11 mile trail that we’d like to accomplish eventually. Hopefully by spring! We were also discussing renting a campsite this winter for camping. Obviously the kids wouldn’t be going. Not only because of the cold but also, they hate walking so far.

I’m looking into waterproof hiking boots, a legit backpack, and a cold temp sleeping bag. All of these things aren’t cheap so I’m not sure if we will be able to make the trip this winter or not. Regardless, it’s on our bucket list!

Here is a little footage of our hike this past weekend.

Witchy Vibes with Andy Balas Photos

I got to shoot with a good friend of mine, Andy Balas, for my first shoot back again. Every time I take a break, he’s always been the first photographer I work with when I come back! I was looking for a dark and gloomy setting. Very old gothic/witchy vibes and I think we did a pretty good job of putting it together.

Mad props to him for the awesome photo editing. Also figuring out the lighting and stuff while we were shooting! His fiance always comes to help out. I enjoy having her around because she helps out immensely with the shoot, and also adds to my  goofiness, making it a great time!

Anyone looking for photos in the Toledo area should definitely check out Andy’s work!

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite shots from the shoot. I will probably take a look at all of the edits again and add more later on!