Adult Summer Camp?!

I began my morning just like every morning. Waking up to kids arguing over toys, the baby talking to himself upstairs, and hiding under my blankets with my phone so I can scroll through Facebook in peace (kind of). While scrolling, I found this really cool link to an adult summer camp organization.

I went to summer church camp once as a middle schooler, and although I’m more spiritual than religious, it really is engraved in my brain still as an adult. There was literally never a dull moment and I made so many new friends at the time!

Naturally, I had to check out the details about Camp No Counselors. First of all, there are a bunch of different locations that you can choose to go to. Second, picture all the fun filled activities you had as a kid except add copious amounts of alcohol! Yeah, I’m sold.

I am heavily debating working my tail off to come up with the money by this June to go to the one in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s not an ungodly high price for all that it includes either! I need adventure in my life, and when my dream is to one day travel to my heart’s content, I’ve got to start somewhere!

Who else thinks this is an amazing idea?! I mean, the people went to Shark Tank with this idea of theirs. I think it’s freaking GENIUS!

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