Reset in Perrysburg, OH Pizza Review



My husband and I have officially been to Reset twice now, but it is already one of our favorite bar/restaurants! Not only do they have old arcade games that you can play for FREE, but we’ve always heard amazing things about their food as well. The first time we were there, we got a baked meatball platter, covered in queso cheese… they were to die for! And I’m all about finding bar foods that are out of the ordinary.

Our friend told us we needed to try their pizza, so naturally we decided we needed to try it out. We ordered a medium pepperoni pizza and waited a short amount of time for it to get to our table, even though they were slightly busy and had a news crew there doing a story on their restaurant!

First Glance

When it came out to us, it looked… average. I mean, there was nothing wrong with it, but I had assumed it would have over the top, triangle cut, overly cheesy slices. That wasn’t the case.


The cheese seemed to be average shredded cheese, but it did look decently saucey so I was excited about that. The crust was almost a mix between thin crust and hand tossed. The pepperonis were curled up at the edges, crispy but not burnt.

The Taste Test

When I took a bite I immediately noticed how greasy it was. To be honest, that was what I tasted first was grease. It reminded me of that greasy taste you get from Sbarro pizza. Then I noticed the sauce was somewhat sweet, which I do not normal prefer. As said above, it could have had more cheese on it as well. The crust was plain tasting but nice and crispy on the edges. It almost reminded me of flatbread.

The Overall Verdict?

It was… average. Not bad, I still enjoyed eating it. It just didn’t have that amazing factor that I was told it had. I was expecting more out of taste as well as overall look. However, I would still recommend trying it out to other people, simply because the whole restaurant is amazing, and who knows, maybe I was just having an “off” taste bud day! Or maybe it tastes better being washed down with a beer!

Guess you’ll have to go there and see for yourself!

Is It REALLY Possible To Make Money With InboxDollars?


I have not been blogging for long, and to be honest I’m kind of lazy! But I’ve tried just about everything I can do online to make money. I’ve actually even signed up for InboxDollars under a different name a long time ago! I never even made enough money back then to cash out so it ended up not being worth my time. This time I decided I was going to do what it took to get some cash out of this site!

I signed up about a month ago, somewhere in the beginning to middle of May 2016, and I am $4 away from cashing out for my very first time! You have to make $30 to cash out, but you start getting better perks after that first time you are able to cash out, so I’m excited to see how much easier it is to make money after that! I have completed surveys, watched videos, made online searches, opened paid emails, and completed offers to get this money. None of it was hard, some of it was time consuming.
Do I plan on making enough money to survive off of? No. But this money is going into savings to get us our camper/new house built so any amount helps! I have spent a significant amount of time on the website, and I will say it’s pretty easy to navigate! It seems like everywhere you turn there are easy opportunities to make some cash and although some of the tasks can be boring to some people, I was desperate to make any extra change that I could!
I am waiting on a couple completed offers to be deposited before I cash out (some of them require you to have an app or program for a certain amount of days before you get the money) but I will definitely make an update post on here regarding how long it takes for the check to get here, how easy it is to request a payment, etc!
My overall review? I think it’s a great way to make some extra cash, as long as you aren’t expecting to make significant money quickly! If you’re ok with doing a few things a day and not getting paid right away, I highly suggest you sign up! Plus, by signing up you get a $5 bonus (I believe) just for entering your info! If you’d like to sign up under my referral, go here!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

10 GIFs To Help You Relax


As much as we would like life to be all butterflies and rainbows all the time, that just isn’t the case! Some of us have anxiety, or are maybe just stressed out for whatever reason. Here are a few calming GIFs to help you relax!














































Hope those could help you relax a little bit! Let me know if there are any more I should add!!

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My Totally Honest, Unbiased Opinion on It Works! (Products AND Business)


The Products

Before I go into detail about the quality of the products, I want to explain the process of becoming a customer.

There are 3 options:

  1. Retail Customer
  2. Loyal Customer
  3. Distributor (I will get to this when discussing the business aspect of things)

As a retail customer, you pay an ungodly amount of money for a product to be able to just order it once. The prices vary per product, but I believe it’s about 40% more than if you sign up to receive the product for 3 months, which makes you a loyal customer.

As a loyal customer, you agree to order a product for 3 months (can order different products each month). By signing up this way, you get 40% off each order, perks points (which add up to dollars off your next purchase), and free shipping if you stay a customer after the 3 months are up. The orders are set on an autoshipment which means you get them at the same time every month.

The hard thing about being a loyal customer is if you don’t have the money one month, they will still charge you. Or at least attempt to unless your bank won’t allow them to take the money. I’ve also heard of people being charged a $50 fee (I’m not sure how true this is) for canceling an autoshipment before their 3 months are up.

Now that I’ve explained that process, I can tell you about the products. I LOVE a majority of them. I’ve not tried all of them but I’ve tried many. Let’s start with the most popular one:

WRAPS. These are hit or miss. The ideology behind it is legitimate, seeing as how professional spa wraps have been around for years and they have done amazing things for people. But there are something about these wraps that don’t work for everyone. It is true that the more water you drink and the healthier you eat, the better results you will have. But to be honest, I think most of it is a fad. They get you so excited and tell you how big of a difference they see in your before and after photos that it just makes you excited too, when really you don’t notice much of a difference. But like I said, that’s not everyone. Some people do notice changes and are happy with them.

GREENS. These I loved and hated. I loved them because I did legitimately get rid of a cold in a single day by drinking them. I hated them because they are gritty and weird tasting. Even in juice. Granted, a lot of healthy supplements aren’t going to be the most pleasant going in, but give off good results. I just don’t know how so many people say their kids love drinking them. I couldn’t get my kids to drink them for the life of me because of the taste/texture. Overall I think the Greens are beneficial and do help boost your immune system.

CONFIANZA. These are supplements in pill form that you can take for stress or anxiety. When I first started taking them, I thought they were amazing. I could definitely feel my body relax and my mind too! But after a couple weeks of using them daily to sort of self treat my anxiety disorder, they weren’t working anymore. I think these are very good for someone who occasionally needs to relax and not good for everyday use.

FAT FIGHTERS. The concept of these is pretty cool. They are pills that you take after eating a big meal and it absorbs some of the carbs/fat so your body doesn’t take them all in. When it comes to using them for weight loss, they are worthless on their own. You would need to take them along with some other supplements to get any results.

ENERGY. These taste amazing. Sometimes I feel like it’s a pear taste, sometimes it’s more peachy. They are pretty expensive per can, but not too much different than buying an energy drink at the gas station. You just have to have the $30 or whatever they cost now to buy a case of them.

EXFOLIATING PEEL. This is my all time favorite product from It Works. It is pricey (I think over $40) but it always lasted me a couple months. Using this along with the CLEANSER, my face always felt AMAZING. No joke, better than any mask or anything I’ve ever used before.

LIP & EYE CREAM. Honestly, I wouldn’t waste your money on it. I personally believe they created that new product (WOW) to make up for the lip and eye cream not working. I don’t know a single person who it worked for (who wasn’t just trying to sell the product). I had problems with bags under my eyes and this didn’t do anything for them.


The Business

After reading all of that above, you may or may not have realized that I used to be a Distributor. I am no longer. I will discuss my story, but first want to talk about the process of signing up.

To sign up as a Distributor (or DT for short) you have to buy the business builder kit for $99 (not including shipping and tax). Now let’s stop there for a minute because usually when you are approached by someone who wants you to sign up as a DT, they only tell you about the business kit. Rarely do they tell you about the other costs involved. Every month (except for the first month) you are charged $21 to keep your website up and running. The website that people order from. The website that is blocked on Facebook and rarely anyone ever goes there to order anyways. Then they say if you want it to not be blocked on Facebook you should buy a domain name to connect to it.

But that’s not all. After you’ve joined and gotten excited and ready to start making money, they also inform you that in order to get paid you have to either have about $100 worth of products set up on your autoship every month OR get customers to buy enough products to cover 15o personal bonus volume. Each product has a number of volume that it is. Usually it’s close to the dollar amount of the product.

Ok, so you’ve got all that right? Now let’s discuss the bonuses that they get you excited about. First there’s a fast start bonus. When someone signs up under you as a DT and they get 2 loyal customers to sign up, you get $100. Then they want you to get to Ruby. The amount of money you get for a bonus varies, but when I joined it was $500. So what is Ruby? You have to get 3 people to sign up as distributors under you. Then 1 of those people has to be executive (I don’t remember the exact details of executive but it’s something like, they have to have 2 DT’s under them and also be at 400 BV? Something like that). The other 2 people under you have to have 2 loyal customers too I believe. Anyways, it’s a LOT. But let me get to my story now.

I can’t speak for everyone, some people have an extremely easy time with this because they have a lot of supportive friends or family. I don’t. So I joined, found out all that goes into it and started freaking out. They assured me that all I would have to do is just start posting about the products on Facebook. So I did. People were super annoyed, and even some people unfriended me. Then they told me, “People will hate on you when you’re becoming successful. It just means you’re doing something right!”

So I kept at it. I got a few people interested after pretty much begging them to sign up. Most of them didn’t like the products or couldn’t afford to keep ordering them. But they just kept saying, if 10 people say no then you need to message 50 more people. So I did. To the point where I was being avoided by everyone. I felt inadequate and everyone who WAS making money didn’t understand why it was so hard for me to just do it. They made it seem so easy but it just wasn’t for me.

So the conclusion to it all is this:

If you have a passion for talking to people, have a lot of friends/family, and legitimately like the idea of working your own health and wellness business, I think you could be successful with It Works. It’s a well known company, which can be a good or bad thing, but if you’re good at talking to people and knowing the things to say to get them interested, I think you’d do well.

If you are an introvert, don’t have many friends/family, get scared you’re going to offend people, and are only signing up as a distributor because you need money and they make it seem easy to get, DON’T DO IT. You will waste your time, money, effort, and tears.

Having said all of this, I do have some friends who are trying to grow their businesses through It Works. If you are interested in any products or signing up, please contact me and I will give you their information.

Thank you for reading!









6 Things We Realized When We Looked At Campers to Live In

If you saw our YouTube video the other day, you know that we were planning on going to Camper World to look at some used campers. Well that trip did happen and I wanted to share with you all some things that we learned while we were looking.

Photo found at

#1. Living in a camper is PLENTY of temporary space for us all! We found some great layouts that weren’t super out of our price range that would be the perfect amount of space to live in for a year or so! A few even had a separate room that had 3 bunks in it, dressers, etc that would be perfect for the boys to sleep in!

#2. Camper living in the winter might be trickier than I had originally thought. I was under the impression that if you parked the camper, built a deck around it, put some heaters up in it, then you would be fine when it comes to cold weather. BUT the guy looked at us like we were crazy when we told him we wanted to live in it for a few months. He stated “I would not live in a camper during the winter.” But anything is possible right? I mean, can’t SOMETHING be done?

#3. The bathrooms aren’t as small as I originally had thought. In fact, both boys and myself were in some of the bathrooms yesterday checking them out and, although not super comfortable, we all fit and could still move. I’m sort of hoping a smaller bathroom will keep them out of there when I’m in it anyways!

#4. There is more privacy than I thought there could be. Some of the doors closing off the rooms were LEGIT! Like, wooden doors, and even some had a lock! So James and I could still have some privacy without worrying about being bombarded by kids.

#5. Kids freaking love the idea of living in a camper! I wasn’t sure how the boys would feel at first. I mean, they said they would enjoy it but I thought when they actually got in one and we showed them where they would sleep and eat, they might not like it as much. I was very wrong. They were in awe and thought the campers were so cool! They even started claiming their beds as if we were buying the camper that day or something! Roman started telling me where we could put everything and Caiden was just wide eyed and excited about all of it! To them, it’s like an adventure, not a sacrifice.

#6. We have a lot more to figure out before actually making this transition. How will we get our water supply? Do we want to use a composting toilet or actually have to go somewhere to dump? Is there any way at all we might be able to survive the winter? How will we transition with the baby?

There are still some things that need to be thought over, but we are all getting really excited for this chapter in our lives! Even James, who started off wondering if we could really make this work, is coming to me everyday with new ideas and solutions to some of our concerns! It will all come together in due time and for now, all we can do is just keep saving our money and planning!

5 Ways To Win My Heart

This would have been extremely hard for me to write a few months ago. Until recently, nothing made me happy! I went through a lot of self doubt, hatred, and health issues that left me bed ridden with depression (and pain). But when I opened up my heart and my soul, I learned to love so many things again! I hope I can choose just 5! Feel free to let me know what 5 ways to YOUR heart would be!!

5 Ways To Win My Heart

1. Playing music like it’s a soundtrack to life. When I listen to music, I hear every word. Every chord and note flows through my body and my mind and I really become that song. Sometimes, it’s a bad thing because it can make me sad. But so many times music has lifted me up and really just made a somewhat ordinary moment, perfect! If I find other people that like the same style of music as me, and they feel the same way about the songs, wanting to create memories like we are living out the music video, they will have a piece of my heart for sure!
2. Make me delicious food. Or buy it. Whichever you prefer! I love comfort foods, like pastas, pizza, brownies, ect. But I’ve been trying to eat better lately. Bowls full of fruits like pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, kiwi, pears… I’m not too picky when it comes to fruit. Vegetables are delicious when grilled, or I’d even eat raw carrots, cucumber, lettuce (salad), cauliflower, green peppers, and broccoli. I’m much more picky when it comes to vegetables but I’m trying to get better! Let me know your favorite veggies because I’m really trying to open up to new things!
3. Take me for a nature walk. I LOVE nature. Like I said earlier, I was in a state of depression for a long while. I never got out of the house, and it didn’t help that it was a cold winter. Now that it’s nice out, I’m wanting to get out constantly, but no one ever wants to go with me! I dream of having long walks on beautiful trails, just talking about major things in life. No small talk, but talking about life and death and dreams, etc.
4. Ride horses with me. Ok, so maybe not now since I’m pregnant and that’s frowned upon. But I used to have horses when I was growing up. We had a small little farm and I miss it immensely. I feel like back then I took it for granted. Now, I would love to wake up to feed horses, brush them, ride them. My favorite animals of all time. Riding horses is such an amazing feeling. Putting all of your trust in something that could crush you, yet knowing they won’t. Not to mention the scenery and the feeling of effortlessly (well, kind of) moving along the earth. I haven’t ridden a horse in over 7 years. I miss it so much.
5. Be open to any and all possibilities and talk with me about them! What I mean by that is, questioning things like aliens, and galaxies, and government, and GMO’s, etc. I guess they are considered the “conspiracy theories” but I think that questioning everything shows intelligence. It doesn’t mean you have to picket outside of buildings or protest for me to take you seriously. I don’t even do those things. But if you don’t believe that the possibilities of the world are endless, I probably won’t open up to you much, and you definitely won’t win my heart!
So those are just 5 ways to win my heart. There are so many other little things that I wanted to include but I held back and didn’t stray away from my 5! Now it’s your turn! Let me know 5 ways to win your heart, or even blog about it on your blog and send me the link! I love getting to know people, especially if we have some things in common!!