Waist Training: How Do I Use This Thing?!

Waist training is not something I’m proficient in. I mean, I’d never even really heard of one until an Instagram friend told me I should try one! Since I was looking for effective ways to lose my baby weight, I decided to give it a shot. Only a month or 2 later, here I am trying it out!

I ordered mine off of Wish, which means it was very cheap. I actually got a refund for it because it was SUPER late. It ended up coming anyway though so it worked out. But that’s beside the point!

After I opened it up I put it on and it wasn’t as tight as I expected. I thought I’d feel it crunch my organs together or something. Probably a good thing that it didn’t. Made of a mesh cloth and not a corset like a lot of the nicer ones are. It does fasten all the way down with metal hooks in the back. Or maybe they go in the front? See, I don’t even know if I’m doing this right!

Still confused, I wore it to do errands and then to my parents house. After about 4 hours, my torso felt REALLY tight. Like, something told me I should really take the thing off, so I did. I read up on it a little bit and found out I should only wear it for about 2 hours at first. That way my body can get used to it.

So now, I’ve been wearing it daily for about 2-3 hours a day. It’s pretty comfortable but I can definitely tell when it’s time to take it off. I really need to read into it some more because I seriously know very little about it. Does it train your organs to move to a different place? Help me lose fat? Have something to do with muscles? I honestly don’t know.

If you know anything about waist training and have any info or tips for me that you could share, I’d really appreciate it! I’ll make an update next month to see if I’ve got any progress from it!




My Bohemian Soul Has No Chill

Hello again everyone! It’s honestly been a couple months since I’ve posted. I started modeling again as a tactical model and I kind of lost track of this blog that I worked so freaking hard to create! I always do this. My bohemian soul doesn’t let me stick with things very often.

Winter has also gotten me down on the productivity scale. Seasonal depression is a real thing in case you didn’t know. But I’m trying to get my ass up and do things as often as I can. The boys have kept me busy that’s for sure! Emery is 4 months old now! He’s rolling over both ways, trying to sit up on his own, eating baby food (his favorite so far is pears), and getting even cuter by the day might I add.

As far as the tactical thing goes, I love guns and knives, and archery and all that stuff. But I almost forgot how annoying it was to get hit on with such intensity. Like, I could literally post something saying how much I love my husband and kids and some douche bag would say, “Oh, we should get married, you’re hot!”

It’s just not something I enjoy dealing with. Then I tell myself well, if you stick with it and give it all your attention, this tactical thing could bring in a lot of money! Yes, but is it the kind of money I want to be earning? No. I’d rather be more focused on my family life, getting our mobile home, and fitness. Those things are more prevalent in my life right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stop being involved with guns and the like. I’d just like to make that a secondary focus. Modeling is fun but it’s not my life. There is so much more to me than just modeling. Why do I always limit myself to that?

Well, anyway, there is a little update as to what is going on. I hope to get back on track and posting at least a couple times a week! As well as making videos for my Skully In Space channel on YouTube!



Hiking at Oak Openings

I’ve been wanting to get out of the house more and get out into nature. We found the opportunity to do so this past weekend and it was such an awesome experience. You can check out some of the footage in the video below.

We packed plenty of water and snacks in the backpack. Since I’m really wanting to lose weight I carried the pack the whole trip. It didn’t bother me at all while walking but the next day my back was killing me! I’ll have to condition myself for when we REALLY start hiking.

There is a 15.11 mile trail that we’d like to accomplish eventually. Hopefully by spring! We were also discussing renting a campsite this winter for camping. Obviously the kids wouldn’t be going. Not only because of the cold but also, they hate walking so far.

I’m looking into waterproof hiking boots, a legit backpack, and a cold temp sleeping bag. All of these things aren’t cheap so I’m not sure if we will be able to make the trip this winter or not. Regardless, it’s on our bucket list!

Here is a little footage of our hike this past weekend.

Longbow Target Practice

Shooting my longbow on camera for everyone! I’ve had so many people wanting me to get back outdoors and do some cool stuff and the fact of the matter is, I miss it! This girl was raised on a small farm so I used to be outdoors riding 4wheelers, shooting, riding horses, etc all the time. I can’t wait to get back out in the country, but for now I’ll just do what I can, when I can!

Witchy Vibes with Andy Balas Photos

I got to shoot with a good friend of mine, Andy Balas, for my first shoot back again. Every time I take a break, he’s always been the first photographer I work with when I come back! I was looking for a dark and gloomy setting. Very old gothic/witchy vibes and I think we did a pretty good job of putting it together.

Mad props to him for the awesome photo editing. Also figuring out the lighting and stuff while we were shooting! His fiance always comes to help out. I enjoy having her around because she helps out immensely with the shoot, and also adds to my  goofiness, making it a great time!

Anyone looking for photos in the Toledo area should definitely check out Andy’s work!

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite shots from the shoot. I will probably take a look at all of the edits again and add more later on!

Wish.com: The Pro’s & Con’s of Getting Cheap Clothes

I discovered Wish a couple years ago when I was still modeling. A photographer that I wanted to work with sent me there to get some clothing ideas for our shoot and I was hooked. How could I not be when seeing t shirts for $3 and shoes for $12?!


Cheap clothes were offset by the lengthy shipping days. I think I waited at least 3 weeks until I got my first purchase. Since then, I’ve purchased many more items from there. So what are the pros and cons that I’ve found when ordering from Wish.com?



            1. By far the cheapest, fashionable clothes you will find online. 

When I first ordered, I had a very hard time believing that these prices were real. Part of me was afraid that I would spend the money and then 3 weeks later get an item in the mail that looked nothing like the item pictured. I have been lucky enough to get the items in the mail that look like the photos. For the most part. If you’re a model, or just a girl who loves clothes, this site is a savior for your wallet!

2. They have a lot of stylish options.

Some of the clothes that I find on there are even more fashionable than local stores offer! Dresses, shoes, jeans, sweaters, you name it. They have pretty much everything you could imagine for a fraction of the cost of other clothing stores. Once again, I’ve been lucky enough to get some pretty high quality items. You just have to read the reviews before buying.

3. There’s more than just clothing available.

I’ve seen some extremely awesome and practical items on Wish for my house. Kitchen utensils, home decor, shelving, and even baby stuff is available! My wishlist is full of insanely awesome product ideas that I’ve never seen in the United States. I’m sure if they do have them here, they will cost so much more to buy them. More products are added all the time so your options are endless!

4. It’s essentially a foreign version of Amazon.

Instead of Wish being the store you’re buying from, there are different sellers that list products on the site. So while some items may take a while to get to you, others are there much quicker. I always read the review section so I know what other buyers have to say about it. If there are no reviews or bad reviews, you can usually find the same item from another seller that has better reviews.

5. The shipping dates listed are usually accurate, you might even get it sooner!

As stated already, I order from this site often. Unlike with similar sites, I don’t recall a time when I have gotten anything later than expected. In fact, I’ve gotten quite a few items much earlier than expected. Sometimes by even a couple of weeks! It makes for a nice surprise when I check the mail and there’s my outfit I thought wouldn’t arrive for another week or two.


            1. The sizes are way off!

You really need to read the reviews and learn Asian sizing charts before ordering. I always order at least 1 size bigger when buying anything because I have long arms and legs. Most sweaters I’ve bought were too short in the arms so I have to wear them with sleeves pushed up. Pants are a non order item for me because my legs are just too long for them.

2. The reviews aren’t always accurate.

Sometimes I read reviews and they contradict each other like crazy. One person will say the item is true to size and they love it, while another person says it was too small and it was cheap quality. At that point you really have to go with your gut instinct. I’ve been fortunate to be good at guessing how the product will look when it comes to me, but I’m sure there could come a day when I’m not so lucky.

3. The shipping times vary.

While sometimes you will get things very quickly, other times it can take almost a month for your item to arrive. I always check the delivery dates before ordering because I rarely want to wait that long for my item to come. Also, don’t read the reviews and think that because one person got theirs 2 weeks early that you will too. I’ve made that mistake and here I am, still waiting for my furry boots. *Sigh*

4. Buying foreign really isn’t good for the United States economy.

Trust me, I know this is hypocritical but I have to add it in here because it’s true. As citizens of the United States, we should really be putting more money into our own economy rather than spending it overseas. I have tried to do that as well more often than I used to. But the fact of the matter is, when you’re a broke biatch, sites like Wish are very tempting. Cheap is a necessity for me since we are on a tight budget. I’m only human and I can’t help myself sometimes.


There you have it folks. My pro’s and con’s list for Wish.If you have any comments or questions please let me know! As always, you can also contact me by emailing me at skully@skullyinspace.com! I hope this was in some way helpful to you all. I Wish you the best (hehe get it?) and happy shopping!

Adventure Time: Lunch Date & Sidecut Park

Adventures after you have a baby can be difficult, or even seemingly impossible. James and I are fortunate to have 2 sets of parents that love to watch their grandkids. So on Saturday,while the boys were with their dads, my in laws watched Emery so we could have a lunch date! We decided on going to Smokey Bones for a day drink and food.

I wasn’t super hungry so I ended up just getting some pretzel bones with cheese to dip them in. Yes, I know, I’m totally fucking up my healthy eating for my weight loss. Back at it this week though! Anyway, I also wanted a margarita so I ordered something called the Neon Beach. Not only was it their cheapest margarita option, but the ingredients sounded pretty damn good. Blue coracco, creme de coconut, tequila, and some type of lime sour stuff.


It came out in this massive glass and I was a little nervous about drinking it all but it was so good! After all was said and done, I was barely buzzed from it so I’m thinking the glass just made it look like a bigger drink than it was. I would definitely order it again though!


James and I had a great time talking about our local creative community and what we want to accomplish in our own creative lives. I built him a website recently ( jculprit.com ) so he was very excited to perfect and launch that. After that, I was discussing all the things I’d like to do for my YouTube channel, as well as my blog. I think I’m finally starting to figure out the direction in which I’d like to take things!

When we were done we picked up baby boy and went home to work on business stuff. We watched movies and relaxed the rest of the night, which was nice to be able to do. Emery went to bed at about 10 and only woke up 2 times before morning!

Then on Sunday we woke up, got coffee at Biggby, got bagels at Barry Bagels, and went to Sidecut Park. I had Emery in his Boba wrap so he was out as soon as I started walking. Let me tell you, Sidecut is beautiful this time of year! Leaves were everywhere and the colors were perfect. Not to mention the weather was super nice.

Fall Chucks!
Fall Chucks!
Me and Emery looking at the waterfall
Me and Emery looking at the waterfall
Part of the canal
Part of the canal

There are all these old stone pathways and I’ve always loved that park because of those alone. It reminds me of Ireland. Not that I’ve ever been to Ireland, but it’s how I like to imagine Ireland in my head! It’s my husband and I’s dream vacation spot. We one day want to go there and visit Birr castle. It’s his “family” castle lol, somewhere down the line his ancestors owned it or something.

Anyway, after the park we went to Barnes & Noble and I got a new Badass Planner. Unfortunately it doesn’t start until Jan 2017 but I was reading through it and it has tons of profanity and inspiration. Obviously this planner is perfect for me. screenshot-10

We then visited the in laws and went to my parents house after picking up Roman and Caiden! So that was the end of our adventurous weekend! Thank you guys for reading, as always I really appreciate you wanting to get to know me/us!



Baby Wearing Review: Moby Wrap vs Boba Wrap & How To Use Them

I talk about baby wearing all the time. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you have probably seen photos of me with Emery tied to my chest. This hands free way of keeping my baby happy allows me to finally get things done!

I’ve used one of those carriers before that have the buckles that adjust and it never really did the trick. Poor kids just hung in there, head flopping all over with little to no support. My wrap holds the baby firmly against my chest so he feels like he is being held.

Little to no crying? Yes please! Sane Skully is a happy Skully.  As with any type of carrier, it can hurt your back after a while. Honestly it’s still more comfortable to me than one of those heavy duty buckle carries though.

Here’s a video for those of you who are curious about baby wearing. Describing the differences between Moby and Boba and which one is my favorite!